Mnemonics for The 10 Commandments

 Learn these memory tips to help you quickly learn The 10 Commandments!

These simple mnemonic devices, or memory aids, will help your students learn The 10 Commandments according to Luther's Small Catechism.  

If your church body numbers the commandments differently (most Reformed churches and Anglican will differ from the numbering presented below), you can still use this method! Just follow the "alternate" memorization pattern.

The 10 Commandments and the Rhyming Method

First you will need to learn the rhyming scheme for the numbers one to ten. Since they rhyme, you will quickly learn the rhyme:
  • One, "bun"
  • Two, "shoe"
  • Three, "tree"
  • Four, "pour"
  • Five, "hive"
  • Six, "sticks"
  • Seven, "heaven"
  • Eight, "gate"
  • Nine, "sign"
  • Ten, "hen"

You may also wish to come up with your own rhyming scheme if you feel a better association would go with the number rhyme. 

Associate the number to the visual item listed below. The numerical list and the associated image rhyme. So, when you hear ‘one’ think ‘bun’. Next associate, in your mind’s eye, the visual symbol corresponding to the number to Commandment you are learning from The 10 Commandments.

For example, 1 = Bun. Now associate in your mind, that is clearly picture in your imagination, a huge false idol wrapped in a huge hot dog bun! This will remind you that the first commandment is "You shall have no other gods."

Rhyming Scheme and Symbols for The 10 Commandments

1 – Bun

Imagine a hot dog bun to a false god in some silly way. "You Shall Have No Other Gods." For instance, you could imagine Zeus popping out of a hot dog bun.

Alternate: None Needed.

2 – Shoe

Imagine a shoe shooting out of your mouth. "You Shall Not Misuse the Name of the LORD..."

Alternate: Imagine an idol associated to a shoe. "You shall not make for yourself an idol."

3 – Tree

Imagine a huge tree growing inside of the church. "Remember the Sabbath day to Keep it Holy."

Alternate: Imagine a tree shooting out of your mouth. "You Shall Not Misuse the Name of the LORD..."

4 – Door

Imagine opening the door and hitting your Mom and Dad by accident! "Honor Your Father and Your Mother."

Alternate: Imagine thousands of doors marching into church. "Remember the Sabbath day..."

5 – Hive (Bees)

Imagine thousands of bees attacking a man. "You Shall Not Murder."

Alternate: Imagine your Mom and Dad running away from a huge storm of stinging bees. "Honor Your Father and Your Mother."

6 – Bricks

Imagine two huge bricks lying in bed. "You Shall Not Commit Adultery."

Alternate: Imagine a thug trying to strike you on the head with a brick. "You Shall Not Murder."

7 - Heaven

Imagine a thief trying to sneak into heaven to steal a bag of gold. "You Shall Not Steal."

Alternate: Imagine clouds (heaven) filling your bedroom. "You Shall Not Commit Adultery."

8 – Skate

Imagine skating around your next door neighbors, telling lies about them. "You Shall Not Bear False Witness..."

Alternate: Imagine a thief in an ice rink skating. "You Shall Not Steal."

9 – Line

Imagine painting a huge black line down your neighbor’s house. "You Shall Not Covet Your Neighbors House."

Alternate: Imaging friends gossiping and you paint a black line across their mouths. "You Shall Not Bear False Witness."

10 – Hen

Imagine you go to the store and greatly covet having a hundred hens. "You Shall Not Covet..."

Alternate: None Needed.

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